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A Letter From Alex

Master Locksmith & Owner Of Successful Mobile Locksmith Business


Starting a mobile locksmith business will be the best decision ​you'll ever make in your life...


You can start your Locksmith Business as a ‘side hustle’ or make it your full time occupation while allowing you to spend more quality time with the family. 


Best of all, you will have FUN learning a unique niche skill that will stay with you for life.


“ Discover The Step-By-Step Guide To Launching Your Locksmithing Business From Home With Minimal Investment!”


Let’s be honest - Working for someone else sucks, not only that it doesn’t even cut it when it comes to what you really want/need to get paid​.


People are failing at jobs they don’t even like and struggling to make ends meet. If you've been thinking about starting a home based business, it needs to be something exciting and easy to start with little investment to get you going.


The good news is, I can show you how to get started with some basic hand tools, your current car or van and your mobile phone!


and the best thing is, you DON'T need to spend thousands on a course away from home, book hotels and buy expensive tools to start!




 “ I Want You To Copy My Exact Business Model - Because It’s Working For Me ”


 Because, when you model someone who is already successful, you cut your learning time by years, avoid their mistakes and you have a blueprint to follow.


● If you want an easy-to-start business​ that does NOT require you to spend years learning and thousands on tools.


● If you want a business that allows you to work from home and gives you more quality time with your family.


● If you want something that you can build in your spare time ‘in the background’ while keeping your regular job.


● If you want a rewarding business that you can grow and become a full time career where you will be respected in your field.


● If you want a business that you enjoy doing and that would actually be FUN! ​Imagine peoples faces when you pick open their lock open in seconds!


● If you want an opportunity that would provide a lot of cash flow​, quickly and easily with the skills you will master...


Then sit up straight as this is the most powerful letter you'll ever read...


“ I Started My Locksmith Business from the back of my car back in 2009... ”




 Back then in 2009, I was working for another locksmith company that went bankrupt, I was out of income, had direct debits bouncing and I was struggling with my finances.


I had a lot of skill but no job, I knew I had to do something...


So I started my own mobile locksmithing business with almost no capital, a few cheap locksmith tools, and lots of determination from the back of my old Renult Megane.


The big secret is, I had no business skills - only locksmithing skills but I knew 1 thing… Customers search for a locksmith on google when they are locked out.


The Yellow Pages are dead..



I knew if I could find a way to get to the top of Google - I would have a successful business.


In fact, I didn’t even have a website but I quickly got one for a low investment and started learning about search engine optimization and techniques to get my business found on the internet. ​


Here's the thing... having no one to mentor me, I made costly mistakes and learned enough from them to make my entire living from locksmithing for more than 10 years.


“ Since Then, I've Made Between £200 - £1433 Every Working Day From This Same Business ”


...And Now I Want To Help You Do Exactly The Same Or Better.


Now, keep in mind that you will have the better advantage over me when I started out. I had to figure this all out all on my own and I did make a few mistakes my first years in business.


Yet I still earned over £50,800 in net profit that first year working only part-time about 20 hours per week.


You don't have to suffer through the costly mistakes I've made ​ because I will show you how YOU can avoid them and start a profitable locksmith business from Day 1.



Sound Interesting?


YES Alex! I Want To Start My Home-Based/Mobile Locksmithing Business Today!


 Then get ready to start a profitable locksmith business in the comfort of your own home, with all the video training for picking locks and business lessons you will need to set up your business.




Locksmithing Secrets: How To Start & Run A Successful Locksmithing Business From Home The Full Video Course That Will Take You From Where You Are Currently, To Owning A Thriving Mobile Locksmith Business In Your Spare Time!


I've put together a video course from my years of experience that shows you everything I know about starting, running and growing a great locksmithing business out of your home.


The guide is instantly accessible - once you are a student you will have full access to the entire course of videos and be given a list of tools and resources you will need for little investment.


“ Learn To Start Instantly & Operate Successfully With Locksmithing Secrets ”


Whatever your aspirations, be they simply to learn how to pick locks for fun or to establish a profitable all-year-round mobile ​ locksmith business, this course will show you how...


● Get A VERY clear step by step process on setting up the business (there's no waiting around; you'll be making money fast)


● Learn how to pick the most common locks on the market. (you don't need to be an expert lock picker with the tools and methods I teach)


● A powerful truth about where your customers will come from (hint: this is what I mentioned earlier and will make your business almost immediately profitable…)


● How to startup the business for under $500​ (the common misconception is that you need years of training and expensive tools to get started)


● Get video coaching from Master Locksmith Alex. Be guided ​ every step of the way from day 1 to your very first lock-out!


● The lock terminology - so you can talk your game when you are with customers!


● "What tools do I actually need?"... the question that is one of the biggest roadblocks any would-be locksmith faces... I'll give you the full list plus where to buy at the best prices.


● The "Slip Secret” save hours on picking time with this simple method of gaining entry.


● How To Get To The Top Of Google - This Information Is worth the entire price of the course.


● Discover the easiest way to set up your website - this will save you thousands on web designers and you will have full access to your website to make changes.


● You'll learn how to get a base group of customers from the moment you set your business up.


● Discover how to convert customers easier when they call you to get a price - securing multiple repeat buyers who will use you over and over again


● Cool tips - as your locksmithing and business skills progress (assuming you aren't already an expert) you'll use these tips to increase your profits and reduce your times on jobs.


● You'll understand the easiest way to gain entry to properties without any damage to the door or locks.


● You'll discover how to get the most value out of each customer without any heavy pressure sales tactics.


● You'll get hands on advice on all of the important parts of the business such as taking card payments and taxes. This is stuff you need to know.


● Discover the way to set up your van in the most efficient way including tips on keeping it secure from thieves.


● And a whole lot more.... And that’s just for starters! Once you get confident and start making decent money, I'll even show you how to take your business to the NEXT level (you can grow this business as big or as small as you like - it's your choice). Here's A Taste Of What Else You'll Discover:


● How to contract out some (or all) of the work. Imagine making passive monthly income while somebody else does the work.


● How to get commercial contracts to scale up your business. (this is where you get HUGE profits)


● How to market your services and products online with Internet Marketing


● How to get onto top estate agents and landlords books and manage all of the locks for their properties.


● Discover a hidden goldmine in Automotive Locksmithing - this is something that nobody else is talking about.


● And so much more...


As you can see, this is the most comprehensive guide on the locksmith business you can find anywhere.


It is THE complete locksmithing home based business start up and growth guide.


“ No Experience Necessary ”


​ I call this a one click​ "Locksmith Mentor" System because it gives you ​your own locksmith mentor to walk you through hand in hand!


You don't need to be a Master Locksmith to start this business.


With this video course and a strong desire to succeed, you could soon be ​ enjoying a ​profitable and enormously satisfying career (or part-time job) doing something you love.


Get A FREE Bonus When You Order Now Get my FREE EBOOK! - How To Start Your Own Locksmith Business As A Side Hustle Or Full Time Career (Also available on Amazon) If you order "Locksmithing Secrets" right NOW, I will give you my ebook for free - it will be emailed straight to your inbox!


You may be concerned that you will need to go out find employment at your local locksmiths.


But don't worry, I've got you covered...


You'll Never Need To Work For Another Company Again!


For a very limited time I am prepared to give you both the locksmithing skills course and the locksmith business course as one - get 2 courses for the price of one! ​


And here's the really cool part... ​This Is The ONLY Locksmith Course In The World That Teaches You Both Locksmithing Skills AND Business Skills!


This is the Greatest GOLD-MINE of Modern Locksmithing Secrets Ever Crammed Into One Big Collection!


So not only do you get Locksmithing Secrets to show you how to start picking open locks and gaining entry to houses and commercial buildings - you also get a complete guide on how to set up your business and market yourself on the internet.


This business section is truly worth as much as the guide itself, and both courses are yours when you ​order today​. This Business Is Completely TURNKEY! - ​(If you’ll pardon the pun!)


"I aim to cut 10 + years off your learning time and save you thousands of dollars in the process!"

Special Launch Price Today $67.00

​(Price will go up to $197.00 then $297.00 soon)


Plus Discover New Online Strategies & Secret Methods To Get More Leads On The Internet!


How to dominate the google search results including the business places section.


I'll reveal to you a "secret" script to say on the phone to customers that gets the job every time!


You'll get my Facebook advertising tricks that generate leads for you while you sleep!


You're gonna discover my 2 "fast track" methods to getting to number 1 on google.


This is years of blood, sweat and tears handed to you in 20 x videos for only $67!


Here's Exactly What I'm Offering You Today:


I'm offering the "Locksmithing Secrets Online Course" package with all the practical videos and all of the business videos for A Tiny One-Time Investment Of Just $297$197, $67 (Price will go up to $197.00 then $297.00 soon) 


Now the locksmith industry are going to be MAD at me for selling it at this low price but I really want to help you build a business fast.. 


If this course was available when I was starting out I would of paid $5,000 for it because I know I would scoop that money back in the first 2 months in emergency call outs. 


It's no good me going on about how much this will change your life - I would say that as a successful locksmith today but I believe you will get so much value from this that it will cut your learning time by 10 years!


 But, that's just me... I always believe in going for my dreams...


So Are You Ready To Achieve Your Dream? 


Everyday more and more people are quitting the 9-5 and becoming entrepreneurs ...


Don't let your dream go to waste and invest in Locksmithing Secrets Today



Click Add To Cart To Get Instant Access To 20 x Videos


"I aim to cut 10 + years off your learning time and save you thousands of dollars in the process!"


​(Price will go up to $197.00 then $297.00 soon)

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