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So, What Is


From: Alex Welsh

To: Locksmith Brothers & Sisters


Dear Friend,

If you're reading this then you'll likely know there's plenty of money to be made in Locksmithing....

Of course, you have to master the art of locksmithing, but more importantly, you need to have the right BUSINESS STRATEGY and a way of getting customers to make it work..
..and I am guessing that if you're already a trading locksmith, you know what I'm talking about, and if you're brand new, it's one of your main concerns..

Most in-person locksmith courses promise to "teach you everything" and cost up to literally $2,495.00+ just to learn from a classroom teacher "on the bench" with methods that are usually not practical in the real world...
To make matters worse, the classroom teacher will pitch you on buying all the latest tools and equipment that you don't even need. (They are usually on commission to sell more stuff to you)
They then send you on your way wishing you "good luck" on your new business with ZERO business training or ongoing support!
So not only will you take time out of your current job or commitments, but you'll also be paying to stay in a hotel miles away from home for the privilege of being pitched at by some classroom teacher who isn't even a trading locksmith.
And if you're thinking of signing up for a locksmith franchise scheme - Don't even bother! 
The simple answer is IT DOESN'T WORK FOR MANY PEOPLE
They'll demand hefty monthly payments just for the privilege of using their logo when you should be focusing on building YOUR locksmith empire.
That's why I decided to create a program that flips the script and changes everything so that you have full control over your destiny.
My new program allows you to claim your very own free custom-built locksmith website DONE FOR YOU.
All you need to do is cover the monthly hosting and SEO costs and I'll throw in $2,398.99 worth of MONEY MAKING locksmith programs to "sweeten the pot".
... and that's great news for you because it means you can know beyond a shadow of a doubt my goal isn't to just "send you on your way" after purchasing, my goal is for you to become successful and REMAIN successful so we keep working together.
Instead of doing things alone, you're going to leverage my 20-odd years of locksmith industry experience and plugin to my "Locksmith Lab Community" where you'll also join over 1,500 locksmiths at all stages of their career so you can stay ahead of the game and master this business.
And all this will cost you just over 3 measly dollars per day.
It's a win for me and a win for you...

But First, Let Me Make This Clear..

This program and partnering with me simply isn't for everyone.
In fact, this brand new Locksmith Launch Program might not even be for you?

This program is ONLY for 2 types of people:

1.) Established Locksmiths who are looking to take their businesses to the next level by adding automotive services and getting more high-paying customers.

2.) "Newbies" who are looking to start their first locksmith business the right way the first time and are determined to have success by investing in themselves rather than an expensive franchise scheme or begging to be employed.

If you aren't one of these types of people then unfortunately this offer is likely not for you.

However, if you do fit into one of these categories we're excited to invite you to join the most exclusive and cost-effective program you'll ever find for building a locksmith business - Even in your spare time around your current job.



Here's What You Get:




  • I Will Do Keyword Research In Your Area To Find "Money Keywords" So We Can Dominate The Search Results.
  • I Will Choose An EXACT MATCH Domain Which Means You Will Have A Local Keyword In Your Domain Helping You Rank Faster.
  • I Will Give You 10 x Catchy Business Name Ideas! (If You Don't Have One Already)
  • I Will Give You 5 x Awesome Logo Designs To Choose From Based On Your Business Name!
  • I Will Optimise Your New Website Using Yoast SEO Plugin So You Can Rank Easier & Get Customers Fast!
  • I Will Give You FULL ACCESS To The Website So You Can Update Your Website When You Like So You're Not Held to Ransom By Expensive Web Designers
  • I Will Give You Full Training On How To Edit Any Part Of Your Site
  • Get Access To "The Website Training Portal" Where You Can Keep Up-To-Date With All Things Marketing
  • Your Website Will Be FAST-LOADING & MOBILE OPTIMIZED So Your Customers Can Easily Call You Straight Away
  • Hosting, Domain & SEO Costs All Included In Your Monthly Investment!
  • NO CONTRACT So You Can Cancel At Any Time Within The Members Area If It's Not Working Out For You


In Fact, If You Claim Your Free Website Today, You Also Get Full Access To All Of My Training Programs And Support Channels..




  • Get the EXACT Script I Use To Close 90% Of All Calls!
  • Get The "Fill In The Blanks" PDF Download So You're Never Stuck For Words When You Get An Objection To Your Price!
  • Get Real LIVE Records Of Me Closing Customers Over The Phone!
  • Will Generate Thousands Of Dollars In Revenue For Your Business - Worth 10 times The Cost Of Your Hosting Alone!
  •  Tips & Tricks From Taking Thousands Of Calls Over The Last 20 Years!




  • Discover How To Leverage PAID TRAFFIC To Boost Up Your Locksmith Business
  • How To Create Locksmith Video Adverts For Maximum Exposure On Social Media
  • How To Set Up & Optimize Your GMB (Google My Business) Maps Listing So You Can Generate Customers For FREE
  • How To Use Facebook Ads So You Can Generate 2 - 3 Car Key Jobs Per Day
  • How To Use Google PPC (Google Ads) So You Can Hit The Ground Running & Get Jobs From Day 1





  • Learn How To Grow A Car Key Replacement Service To *1k Per Day
  • Discover Tips & Tricks From Over 20 Years In The Business
  • Audio Version Included So You Can Learn At A DEEPER Level
  • What It Takes To Become A Six-Figure Automotive Locksmith
  • My Secret "PCP System" Revealed For The First Time




  • A Dedicated Community Of  Over 1,500 Like-Minded Locksmiths
  • Locksmiths At All Stages Of Their Career So You Don't Go It Alone
  • Stay Ahead Of The Latest Industry Developments, So Your Knowledge Stayes Razor Sharp
  • Members Post Content And Share Discussions On The Latest Topics And Trends In The Industry That Are Not Accessible to The General Public
  • Get Support When You Need It Most So You Never Walk Away From A Job Without Knowing What To Do




  • A Complete Online Locksmith Course For Houses & Commercial Property!
  • 10 x Practical Videos That Will Show You How To Gain Entry To The Most Common Locks
  • 10 x Business Videos That Will Show You How To MAXIMIZE Your Income
  • You Will Learn Something In This Course Even If You've Been A Locksmith For Decades
  • ️BOOST Your Income EVEN MORE by Bolting This Onto Your Auto Locksmith Business




  • Access To My "Little Black Book" The Automotive Locksmith Equipment Guide To Purchasing Equipment
  • Full List Of The EXACT Equipment You Need To Start An Automotive Locksmith Business
  • Where To Buy The Equipment At The BEST PRICES With Exclusive Discounts
  • ️ Plus Tons Of Recourses To Explode Your Automotive Locksmith Business
  • More Content Added Monthly So You Can Stay Up To Date With Offers On The Market




  • On-Demand Videos So You Can Watch Whenever You Want And However Many Times You Want When You Need A Refresher
  • Discover How To Pick And Decode Vehicle Locks, Cut And Program Car Keys PLUS Remotes - Plus MUCH MORE!
  • Full List Of Tools & Equipment Given So You Won't Waste A Single Penny On Things That You Don't Need!
  • FREE Business Lessons Show How I Set My Vehicle (AKA Man Cave) Up To Run Like A Well-Oiled Machine That Can Generate $1,000 Per Day!
  • Lessons Filmed In REAL LIFE Scenarios Out On The Road So You Get A Taste Of What It's Really Like As An Automotive Locksmith!

TOTAL VALUE: $2,398.99

Special Offer: FREE

Just Cover The $97/m Hosting & SEO Costs And Claim Your FREE Website & Training Immediately!
Claim My Website + FREE Training


I am honestly thinking of making access to this Partnership program about $197 per month which I think would be an insane value wouldn't you agree?

However, before we open this up to everyone we want to open up our Locksmith Launch Partner Program to a select few "founding members" at a completely no-brainer investment.

The enrollment investment is so unheard of that you'll probably think to yourself "Is Alex Crazy", but I can assure you that I am not.

I'm just passionate about helping you and people just like you get started in the industry by giving you a huge shortcut.
I know what it's like trying to start in this closed and "secretive" industry and it pains me to see people struggle like I did.

So I completely went against the grain and decided to do something I have just simply never done before...
In fact, there are people in the locksmith industry who aren't pleased about me doing this, so if I were in your shoes, I would take advantage now.. 

You can get Full Access to the Locksmith Launch Program today for just $97 per month.

And if you sign up today, I am going to extend to you a ridiculous ZERO CONTRACT deal so I can prove to you that this program is a game changer for you and your business.
There really is nothing in this for me unless you decide to continue long-term, so I need you to succeed just as much as you do!
Join The Locksmith Launch Program Now
And sure, picking locks sounds really exciting and all very "James Bond"…

 But the truth is, that’s where most other "in-person locksmith courses" STOP.

They conveniently leave out the #1 most-important, defining factor it takes to succeed as a locksmith…which is,

How To Actually GET CUSTOMERS!

So now finally you can become a proud owner of your own mobile BRANDED locksmith website within 10 days without spending a fortune on Google PPC, Locksmith Franchises, SEO companies or Web Designers.
And my system is available ANYWHERE in the world and it doesn't matter what age, experience or budget you have.
If you own a mobile phone to take calls, and a vehicle to get to jobs, you're pretty much ready to plug in my partnership business formula and start making money straight away!

This is the missing piece of growing a Locksmith business that most locksmith teachers refuse to teach you…because they have never owned a thriving locksmith business before!

Call me crazy, but what's the point of learning to pick locks if you're not gonna make money doing it?

And so I wracked my brain to figure out the very BEST way to support you as a beginner locksmith…and set you up for success (because we already know the exact struggles that you’ll likely encounter as you go through this journey).

Inside The Locksmith Launch Program FREE Bonuses, not only am I going to teach you how to pick and bypass the most common residential and domestic locks…

I’ve also created training modules where you can get all the business tips and tricks I have picked up over the last 20 years so you can implement them in your new business!


Here's How That Works..


When you log in to your secure online membership area, you'll get lessons that will show you exactly how to set up your locksmith business.

That means, that when you join the Locksmith Launch Program today, you’ll qualify for these incredible bonuses, so you can start dominating your area even if you're a complete 'newbie' and on a tight budget.


Not only are we ‘teaching you to pick locks’, but we’re also teaching you how to pick your own HOURS  - And SALARY! So you can tell your boss, "I'm outta here".

This is a brand new BONUS opportunity that I’m bringing you this month.

And for obvious reasons, it won’t last forever…

At some point when the Locksmith Launch Program gets too big, I’ll have to shut this bonus bundle down. 

That’s why this is such a rare and special bonus opportunity to take advantage of FREE LOCKSMITH COACHING for your business! 

(Well, not free for me. It takes up my time. But free for you.)

Step 1: Click the "Join The Locksmith Launch Program" button anywhere on this page

Step 2: Enter your information

Step 3: We'll send you your login details (and bonuses) in an email immediately along with an assessment form for you to fill in so we can start building your website.

Sounds simple right? It really that easy..

So if you're ready to join us and partner with me to explode your locksmith business - lock this deal in now!

Before you do that.... one more quick thing

You simply won't be able to join the Locksmith Launch program forever...

In fact, we're still planning to raise the hosting fee to $197 monthly, but for now, we're giving our members a ridiculous discount.

It's important to not let this opportunity pass you by...

One of the things I teach inside is how successful locksmiths (especially the ones who earn $100,000+) take massive action. To be successful you simply have to be able to make quick and calculated decisions.

...and that's why YOU decided to take action and read this far today.
And the next step is to partner with me.

Click the button on this page and get instant access to The Locksmith Launch Program, and make sure to get in so we can start building your website as a matter of priority.

I know by now you're thinking to yourself YES... 

I want to be a member of The Locksmith Launch Program...
...but it gets better because I have one of the most iron-clad offers you'll ever find for a Mentorship program.
In fact, most marketing companies make you sign a 24-month contract.. but here's what I am doing for you when you decide to join us today.
Join The Locksmith Launch Program Now

I realize you are able to join this exclusive Locksmith Launch program at a ridiculously low price, but I want to do even more to make sure you don't let this chance pass you by...

So I have decided to make this a ZERO CONTRACT deal

If for any reason you want to cancel your hosting subscription, you can do so at any time in the member's area with a single click of the mouse. You don't even need to contact support.

So all the risk is on me to overdeliver when you get inside the Locksmith Launch program right?

If you don't get customers - We don't get paid, we LOSE money!

Join The Locksmith Launch Program Now
Best of Success,


P.S. In case you're one of those people who just scroll to the end of the letter without reading anything, here's the cliff notes version of what we're doing:

I've created the world's most cost-effective and easy program to help you succeed with your locksmith business, it's called the Locksmith Launch program.
I plan on charging $197 per month for the website hosting, domain and SEO (which is an amazing deal by the way), but right now I am letting members join for just $97/m.
No - I am not crazy... and yes you read that right just $97/m.

Just because it doesn't cost thousands, it doesn't mean it's not packed with knowledge and opportunity just like any other program... it simply means that it's affordable for EVERYONE which is exactly what I wanted for my students.
No longer are locksmith courses only available to those who can spend thousands and travel all across the country, take time out of work and spend hundreds on hotels, training material, web designers and marketing services because honestly, that blocks 99% of people from being able to benefit from what I think is one of the big unfair advantages when building your own locksmith business.
Right now you can claim your website and bonuses for FREE, just take care of the hosting and let us build your website and take full advantage of everything we offer in our Locksmith Launch program for just a few bucks per day...

Here's What You're About To UNLOCK:


🔓 A DONE-FOR-YOU Fully Optimized Locksmith Website We will do keyword research, secure your exact match domain and build your website!

🔓 5 x AWESOME Logo Designs To Choose From Don't have a brand yet? Let us create 5 x logos for you so you can be PROUD of owning a branded website.

🔓 Full Access To The Website + Training Portal Until now, locksmiths have been held to ransom by expensive web designers. Now YOU can be in the driving seat and take full control over your business.


🔓 BONUS 1: Locksmith Call Closers (VALUE: $99)

🔓 BONUS 2: The Customer Avalanche (VALUE: $99)

🔓 BONUS 3: The 3 Keys To Freedom Formula + Audio Version (VALUE: $23.99)

 🔓 BONUS 4: The Locksmith Lab (VALUE: $292 Per Year)

 🔓 BONUS 5: The Locksmith Mentor Domestic Course (VALUE: $197)

 🔓 BONUS 6: The VAULT (VALUE $97)

 🔓 BONUS 7: The Locksmithing Secrets Automotive Blueprint Course (VALUE: $594)


Join The Locksmith Launch Program Now





 DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are our internal sales figures. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET OUR INFORMATION.

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The testimonials, figures, and screenshots on this page are real but they are displaying exceptional results from our best customers. These results are not typical. They are not intended to guarantee, promise or represent that you will get the same result just by signing up.
This will require work and you will be the ultimate person responsible for taking action and making sure you get the results that you want.
REFUND POLICY: Under no circumstances (unless agreed by us) do we offer a refund for any months of website hosting used. Locksmithing Secrets will incur charges for hosting, domain and time spent on building the website. You are free to cancel at anytime by either contacting support or by cancelling from your membership area.