You're One Step Away From Booking Up To 100+ Locksmith Jobs Every Single Month. GUARANTEED. 

The best part is.. We work on a pay-on-results basis, so if you don't get results - We don't get paid!  




Maximize happiness, peace of mind and stability by leveraging "Google Smart Ads" so you can choose your preferred job type, area, schedule, and workload.

We offer complete done-for-you Google ads management that gives you total control over your business. Predictable return on investment advertising to profit 1k /day. 


How it works:


✔️ We will create and manage a local Google search campaign so your website appears at the very top of Google when people search specific keywords related to locksmith services in your area

✔️ We will set up the tracking pixel code on your website or landing page so we can measure exactly how many phone calls or leads we bring your locksmith business every month

✔️ We will carry out deep keyword research to find out exactly what people are typing into Google so we can optimize your ads for the best results

✔️ We will provide the ad copy and split test different ad copy variations so we can get the CPA (cost per call) down as low as possible continuously

✔️ We will prevent click fraud from other competitors from clicking on your ads to exhaust your ad budget (a must-have for any PPC management)

✔️ Choose a daily ad budget that is affordable for you. You can start with a budget as low as $20 per day until you can reinvest profits back into ads to get more jobs

✔️ We can set your ads to only show in the exact areas or radius you choose so you are not getting called out to jobs out of your catchment area

✔️ We can set the ads to show only on your specific working schedule so you won't be spending money on ads at times when you are not working

✔️ Weekly reporting so you can be 100% that every single penny you are spending on advertising is bringing you a high return on investment

✔️ Full access to our custom analytics dashboard so you can see the metrics and keep track of exactly how many clicks, leads and phone calls we are generating for your business every single month

✔️ Increase ad budget at any time. once you see that your ads are profitable, you can increase your daily budget and treat this like a money machine

✔️ Quality assurance - we only get paid if you continue to use our services so if it's not profitable for you - we don't get paid


How to get started


If you're an established locksmith business (or experienced locksmith) and you'd like to get a predictable amount of customers every month so you can maximize your happiness, peace of mind and stability -

Schedule a call on the calendar below and I will meet you on a Zoom audio call to see if Google Smart Ads are a good fit for your business. If you have any questions, you can email: [email protected]

*If you are not ready to take on locksmith jobs, we won't be able to help you on this call. If that's you, join Locksmith Lab for instructions on setting up a locksmith business and we will welcome your application when you are ready.