Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What tools will I need to start practicing the locksmith course for houses?

A: For a full list of tools, please visit:

Q: What tools will I need to start the Locksmith Course for Cars?

A: We can only give this information once you have purchased the course.

Q: I have a small budget, can I still be a locksmith?

A: Absolutely! You can start with a very small investment when you start as a domestic locksmith.

Q: Do I need a van to start?

A: If you currently only have a car then use that! When you start making money you can invest in a van.

Q: Do I need a licence to be a locksmith?

A: In the UK you currently do not need a licence to be a locksmith but please check on your government website depending what country you are working from.

Q: Will your course give me a licence/certificate?

A: My course will not give you any qualification but it will give you a huge shortcut into the industry and will cut your learning time by many years! It will also help with the business aspects and help you succeed faster.

Q: Where can I get a licence?

A: Please check in your particular country, as this course is available worldwide, I am unable to advise on this.

Q: Will I need to find employment after taking your course?

A: No! My courses are designed to help you start your OWN business so you never have to work for someone again!

Q: Where can I learn more about starting a locksmith business?

A: If you haven't done already - Get your FREE copy of my book - Locksmithing Business Secrets. Just fill the form in below and I will send it over!


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